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It's June - Christmas Decs will be out soon!

It may be my age but I am feeling that life is going by super fast. It is June right now and before we know it we will be celebrating Christmas and another New Year will be upon us. This got me thinking about life which is pretty lucky considering I am a life coach - lol. I have so much that I want to achieve and time seems to evade me. Actually that isn't true. Time doesn't evade me I waste a lot of it doing things that really aren't all that supportive of me. Do you do the same? Thankfully I know what my time wasters are so I can kick them to the kerb. Getting back to point though time does go by super fast and I have so much that I want to achieve and then I think how am I going to do all this stuff, cause I don't know about you but I want to have an absolutely awesome life for me and my boys (that includes hubby lol). So I thought if I am thinking about it, you might be to so I thought I would share a few things I do that may support you.


Have a supportive circle around you. I am so thankful and grateful that my husband is so supportive of me, he works so hard, he is my rock and my love (oh and no comparisons it isn't always a bed of roses - actually a bed of roses wouldn't be very comfortable would it all those thorns anyway digressing). If your relationship with your partner isn't all that - what could you both do to make it better? I find communication really helps and I also find that mind reading doesn’t. So don't assume you know what is going on in your partners head. Ask. Take time out together, if you have a family, have a family fun day. Incorporate fun everywhere you can. Turn the tv and all technology off, have a game of cards, chinese checkers, board games - get back to basics and have a bit of fun.


It goes on from number 1 - your supportive circle of friends - it doesn't matter how big or small it is, it is the pure quality of your friends that count.


Goal setting for the month ahead.


This may seem boring but it is essential…a to do list…at the start of each week look at what you are going to achieve in the week ahead - taking into account your goals. Each day also write down 2 - 3 things that will support you to achieve that as well as ensuring one of those things is something for yourself. You may want to cook yourself (and family) your favourite meal, go for a walk, buy yourself some flowers - something just for you. You need to ensure you give love to yourself.

It isn't a lot now is it. In having number 1 and 2 you will find that life is moving in line with your values and that you enjoy your life more. Number 3 allows you to focus on what you really want to achieve and number 4 allows you to put it into action.

You will be more productive and you will find that when you look back over your year you have accomplished so much - it will put a spring in your step. It doesn't take much. No need to overthink things. If you do just these steps more things will automatically happen.

So here’s to living life!!! Make it awesome! Live it well! Have a blast!!!!!



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