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I made contact with Larney as I didn't know what direction my life was going in, I was in limbo.  I wasn't sure what to expect having never done anything like this before and I am so glad I did.  Since meeting Larney, I have lost weight, got a job, my confidence has increased, I smile, engage and interact with so many more people.  I'm feeling stronger in myself and able to use my voice and be assertive when I've needed to be rather than being negative and defensive.  I have come out of my shell.  Thank you Larney.


Working with Suz was one of the greatest gifts to myself.  Taking the time with her guidance to really understand my mind and my beliefs.  I was able to make real goals and follow through on them.  I really enjoyed working with her I have taken steps to start my own business and my relationship has improved with my family.  I highly recommend Suz and the work that she does is amazing.


In the last 5 years, I had gradually come to a point where I just felt like I didn’t know what my purpose and passion for life was anymore – I was lost.  I lacked the drive to do anything, had a fear of trying something new, felt numb and emotionless and generally was just unhappy and unfulfilled in life.  There was no major trauma or event to explain how I got to this crossroad but I knew this wasn’t living, so it was time to do something -  life is too short to waste any of it.  It was time to get help, find someone who could listen, guide and unlock my true potential (which I knew was hidden somewhere inside me but I couldn’t find it on my own).  A friend suggested a life coach.  I wasn’t sure if this would work for me, if I would have time or even if I could afford it being a single mother of 2 children.  I decided to give it go – what did I have to lose.  For so long I had given everything to everyone else and now  it was time to invest in me.  This is where the amazing Larney  stepped in and began the process of transforming my life.  I started feeling like the old me and began living again.  She helped me find my purpose and passion and to clear the blocks that were stopping me from achieving my goals.  I am so grateful to her for the guidance she has given in helping me rediscover my own empowerment and for the practical and effective exercises I can use daily to continue my journey to be the best me.  My life now has focus.  I still encounter challenges but no longer do I allow them to be the reason for not moving forward.  Larney has given me the skills, tools and belief in myself to overcome any obstacles that come my way.  A weight has been lifted and now I am free to fly.


Suz facilitated a coaching session with me where I felt extremely safe to disclose very personal and private thoughts and feelings.  Suz's calm and soft approach made me feel very relaxed.  She asked curious questions which made me dig deeper into areas I had never considered. At the end of the session, I had clarity about what I needed to do.  Thank you Suz for your warmth, calm and softness.


I’ve attended a group workshop as well as ​an individual 1:1 session with Larney, both helped me open my mind and was in a safe space. Larney has a real gift for asking the right questions (that I never would have thought of) to get to an answer/solution that makes perfect sense afterwards. If you're feeling a bit life-stuck in some way then reach out to Larney, you’ll wish you did it sooner!!


With Suz as my coach and my hypnotherapist I immediately found that trust in her whilst she held a judgement free space so effortlessly. We had an opportunity to flush negative emotions and old ways of thinking.  I felt comfortable in her presence and found her to be really approachable with what I needed shifting.  The session was guided beautifully and she made what seemed to be a hard task, shifting emotions, into a relaxing and easy one.  It was really quite a gentle healing but a powerful experience at the same time.  Since this session I've been able to continue this awareness of why I feel what I feel and the ability to let go of this emotions that have finished serving their purpose.  I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Suz and am excited to again in the future.


Larney has an incredible knack for being able to get to the route of whatever issue or problem it is that you may have. She does this in a way that leads “you” to find the solution. I have done both the workshop and the 1 on 1 session and have absolutely gained valuable insight into various areas that I can work on to achieve both my professional and life goals. Can not recommend this service highly enough!


I have known Suz for a couple of years and in that time I have found her to be a very compassionate and caring person.  Suz gives everything to make sure you feel comfortable and safe when you are with her.


I feel very motivated after a session with Larney.  Not just with my business, but with everything as it has a knock on effect with other aspects of life.  Sometimes the things that have stopped me from moving forward in my business have been personal issues like confidence, so some of our sessions focus on this area.  I think one of the most important things is that I feel vey comfortable with Larney – she is warm, trustworthy and I get results.  She made me realise that I have the answers within, but sometimes life gets overwhelming and chaotic and you get a bit lost…she is so great in guiding me and putting me back on the right track.  She is truly fantastic at what she does!




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